“Mom, why is there no Sisters-day?”

That was my almost 8 year old daughter, asking me yesterday in the car on the way home from a netball match, with a very “it’s-so-unfair!” look on her face.

I was about to start rambling off a list of things that makes us moms very deserving of having a day named after us, when I realised that our journey in the car is not nearly long enough to get through that whole list 🙂 And.. frankly, I don’t think she really cares about that list as much as I do either. (bless her!)

Maybe you will wake up on Sunday with a house full of hand-made cards, breakfast in bed and treats and spoils that will last the whole day. Maybe you will wake up to a quiet house and only get a quick “happy mothers day” hug and kiss later that morning when the family gets reminded by an advert on the radio to do so. Maybe you are somewhere in-between…

Whatever your day brings, I want you to listen to that powerful voice that you also have INSIDE your heart. On Sunday, (and every other day for that matter) tell yourself that you are doing great. Tell yourself that you are doing your best. And sometimes, take a step back, and just quietly watch your family as they go about their everyday ‘craziness’ and remind yourself that…

For anything to grow, it needs deep, strong roots. For anything to feel sturdy and secure, it needs a good foundation. Without you, mom, the roots wont grow, the foundation wont be as strong and that family you are looking at won’t be what it is today.
No matter how you’ll be celebrating, or not celebrating, Mother’s Day on Sunday, I pray that you will find a JOY and CONTENTMENT in the day that comes from within. Tell yourself you are an awesome mother and celebrate this most amazing and beautiful “responsibility” that God gave YOU to do by doing it with a smile!

Building ‘roots and foundations’ can often be an ungrateful job, but also the most rewarding when you see the seeds grow and how even the toughest storms cannot ruin your family.

May you hear your inner-voice clearly and may that voice be one of acknowledgement, encouragement, and self-love.

You are an awesome mom!