“I’m excited to also create an opportunity for the Grade 6 & 7 girls to learn together at Girl-School!”

Girl-School is a unique and empowering course, that will give your daughter tools and knowledge that will grow her confidence, self-esteem and cultivate healthy, powerful habits in her life.

She will learn to treat herself, and others, with respect and love, and learn to embrace the incredible INNER- and OUTER beauty that God so lovingly gave her.

This year I’m adding a special 2-day course for the Grade 6 & 7 girls, to ensure that they start their important High-School years armed with more confidence, knowledge and powerful mindsets!

I also know how busy my grade 6 & 7’s are, so their course will be from 9:00 – 13:00 to still give them the afternoon free if they have other schoolwork or commitments.

Grade 6 & 7 course

Saturday 7 & 14 March 2020
Girls attend both days

9:00 – 13:00

Northcliff (if you’re travelling, please note:

  • The venue is easily accessible from the N1
  • It is close to Cresta Shopping Centre – so mom can catch up on some shopping/ errands  while girls are in session
  • Since it’s on a Saturday traffic will not be an issue

This course will be presented by Girl-School Principal, Anri van der Linde


After we’ve had a warm and friendly welcoming session for our girls, we’ll have a discussion about what it really means to be a lady, and why I personally am very proud to call myself a lady. We will also talk about what “Real Beauty” actually means and how they can show their beautiful inner beauty to the world.


People will form an opinion about you in less than 10 seconds. Sometimes even before you’ve said a word! That first impression also lasts and people will treat you based on that opinion.

This is, unfortunately, a reality in the world that we live in, and that is why it is so important that your daughter becomes aware of the ‘signals’ that we send out to others as we all want to be treated with dignity and respect.

The impression she creates, will also determine the type of friends, (and boys!) that she’ll attract.

In this session, we’ll also focus on good posture.


This is a fun “Outer Beauty” session.
First, I will talk to them about the importance of personal care and that EVERY girl MUST pay attention to her personal hygiene.  We will talk about some of the main and important personal care steps for their age, and, I’ll also give them some extra ‘tips-and-tricks’.

Then we get practical! Your daughter will learn the importance of a good skin-care routine. She will learn a step-by-step basic, age-appropriate morning and evening skin-care routine.  All products and material needed to do this practical session in class will be provided for her – she does not have to bring any of her own products. This is truly a skill that every woman should learn. The sooner this becomes a healthy habit, the better, since having a healthy skin also boosts confidence.


One of the most difficult things for anyone, including some adults, is to stand up for ourselves. The girls are constantly under pressure from peers, and it’s important that they understand that a lady is not a ‘pushover’. So in this session, we talk about boundaries and I give them 3 practical tips that will make ‘saying no’ easier for them.



Confident girls also take care of themselves on the “inside”. It is so important to love and nurture yourself, and when you do, you will have better self-esteem and have so much more impact on the lives around you.

In this session, we’ll talk about REAL happiness and your daughter will learn about the unique Girl-School “4P’s”. This will help her to cultivate happiness that no one can take away from her.

This session will also focus on the “Inner Critic” – that voice inside of us that’s always putting us down. If she just let ‘that voice’ take over, and never learn how to ‘talk back’ to that negative voice, it will slowly but surely chip away her confidence and self-esteem. Its an important discussion to have to make her aware of this inner critic voice, and how important it is to ACT when that ‘Inner Critic’ starts to put you down.


In this session, our EXPERT nutritionist will talk to the girls about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, especially now during puberty. She will give them tips and ideas on what to pack for school and inspire them to cultivate healthy eating habits for life!


We will end our time together with a beautiful discussion about “Guarding the ONE LIFE that we have” and I’ll give them the steps in their “Girl-School Confidence Toolkit”.

This lesson is filled with many wisdom and positive mindsets, and I truly believe this will help your daughter to feel better prepared for the exciting high-school years ahead!



Course Details

Dates: 7 & 14 March 2020

Time: 9:00 – 13:00

Venue: Northcliff – If you’re travelling, please note:

  • The venue is easily accessible from the N1
  • It is close to Cresta Shopping Centre – so mom can catch up on some shopping/ errands  while girls are in session
  • Since it’s on a Saturday traffic will not be an issue

This course will be presented by Girl-School Principal, Anri van der Linde

Age group: Grade 6 & 7

Language: Presented in English (but Afrikaans girls are welcome to ask their questions in Afrikaans should they prefer)

Investment: Only R2800.00 that can be paid in 2 instalments of:
R1400.00, seven days from enrolment, and the balance of R1400.00 seven days before the course starts

and start planing ‘seeds’ that will last a life-time








I can’t wait to empower your daughter at this course!

Limited space
Enrolments accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis

and start planing ‘seeds’ that will last a life-time

Anri van der Linde…

Girl-School Owner & Principal

“As the daughter of a well-known singer, Rina Hugo, and TV program ‘Noot-vir-Noot’ creator and musician, Johan van Rensburg, I grew up with a family that was always in the public eye. From a young age, I had to learn how to react and behave appropriately in certain situations, the importance of self-care and to always treat others with grace and respect. I was also introduced to the world of modelling at the young age of 15 and after completing my matric year started working as an international model in Europe. That is where I learnt first-hand that there is more to ‘real beauty’ than just the outer appearance – you have to believe in yourself and project and shine your inner beauty to the world too. It is my passion in life to help as many woman and girls as possible to really SEE and BELIEVE that they are important and beautiful, and to give them the tools to become confident women that feel beautiful inside and out!