Girl-School Teen was previously known as JAFFAE (1990 – 2019)

Below are testimonials from JAFFAE students, parents and school teachers…

“I highly recommend JAFFAE and can vouch for the good work they have done over the years of their existence. The proof is in their students.” Department Head, St Mary’s

“I am impressed by the emphasis on the inner beauty. It is heartening to observe the increase in confidence and feelings of self worth.” Teacher, The Kings School

“The many girls from our school who have attended the JAFFAE program have always had a wonderful experience and speak enthusiastically about their time at JAFFAE. JAFFAE is run very professionally and it is always a pleasure to recommend JAFFAE to the young girls in our school.” School counselor, Trinity House

“Ons was nog altyd beïndruk met die professionele en bekostigbare diens wat JAFFAE lewer. Ons kan tereg sê dat JAFFAE ‘n besondere rol in ons meisies se lewens speel. JAFFAE word met groot vrymoedigheid aanbeveel vir enige meisie wat haar menswaardigheid en skoonheid wil bevorder.“ Departementshoof Opvoedkundige Leiding, Hoërskool Randburg

“The classes were never boring, there was something I took out of all of them. Thank you so much, you have changed my life.”

“JAFFAE made such a big difference in my life for both inner and outer beauty. I honestly feel like a young woman now and get respect from everyone (including boys!). Thanks JAFFAE – definitely well worth it!”

“Every girl deserves to have such an experience. The strength I have gained, the friendships I have made will last me forever! The thanks I owe this course and especially Anri is immeasurable.”

“JAFFAE helped me a lot! I learnt to love the way I look. I came to realise that I’m actually really pretty. However, the most amazing gift that JAFFAE gave me was my confidence.”

“JAFFAE showed me that I can’t let other people walk all over me. It helped me to love myself and it was the best thing that could have happened to me. Thanks for the most amazing time I’ve ever had!”

“Anyone is very lucky and privileged to be able to attend this special course.”

“JAFFAE gave me confidence to try out styles and make-up that I wouldn’t have been able to try on my own! You will be a huge part of my memory from my teenage years, one that I will cherish and always be thankful for.”

“I learnt that, even though I am not a girly-girl, that I can dress up and look beautiful while maintaining my own style.”

“Originally I didn’t want to do JAFFAE and my mom MADE me do it. The moment I came to my first class I was so glad I’d done it! I am now a lot more outgoing and less self conscious.”

“Learning how to do makeup and skincare really helped me because now I know how to do it for myself. It’s really a course I will encourage others to do. The people are truly amazing and so are the lecturers.”

“When I first started the course I was nervous and I didn’t feel comfortable talking to the other girls. But soon I really became more confident because all the lecturers and girls in my class were all so nice and really helpful. I never could have imaged learning what I have. Thank you JAFFAE for turning my life around.”

“Now, I love myself and my body. I know that I deserve more than I used to believe. I can be comfortable around people and if I’m alone in a crowd JAFFAE taught me not to be afraid of being myself. I am so proud of who I’ve become.”

“As a mom, I think Jaffae was one of the very good things my daughter experienced in her life. In Grade 11 she completed the course, and to this day, she has an amazing knowledge of her own self. She learnt how to make the best of her assets, and even though she complained about what she was born with [as all teenagers do!], she ended up as a confident, well dressed young woman, successful in the corporate world where she has landed. She is so good at make-up that young girls ask for her help with their matric dance make-up! I definitely think that doing the course gave her the confidence to be herself, and to strive for the best in whatever she does.”

“Anri, vreeslik baie baie dankie vir wat jy vir my dogter en al die ander meisies gedurende hierdie tyd beteken het, sy het sooo baie by jul geleer wat sy vir die res van haar lewe saam met haar neem.”